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A number of years ago, I bought a collection of razor blades. My interest was in the US blades, but there was also a large book of foreign blades. I know very little about them. I am sure they range in age from the 1920's (or even earlier) to the 1980's.

Since I know very little about these blades or the language, I am going to sell them as they come from the book in which I found them. I am sure some of the pages are super buys and others are overpriced. I am selling most of them in my store (click on the little red door by my name above) to save on my listing fees. I see blades from all over the world, but I will not attempt to list them. Most of the wrappers I checked contained blades, but I did see a few that were wrappers only.

You are bidding on the 20 blades/wrappers shown in the scans attached. I show both the front and back and have tried to make the photo of such a size that it shows suffieicnt detail without being huge.

I think the pictures I use describe the items better than I can, so look closely. The photos were taken with the blades in plastic pages and thus, you might see some glare from the plastic. I did not use flash in order to minimze any reflections. These pages are the older vinyl pages, but I did not find any blades that were stuck or could not be removed.

In case you are wondeinring about my ebay credentials, I also sell on ebay under the username of "wampler" and you make check my feedback there. Checkout my other store "David's Victorian Paper Treasures".

Bid with confidence as I allow a generous 10 day return privilege. You just pay the postage.

All items bought on same day shipped for one price.

In case you are wondering, that "FRB" number in the title means absolutely nothing to anyone except me.

Any questions, just ask.





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