Antique W.H. Williams's Patent Prometheus Shaving Lamp

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Very unusual little brass shaving accessory - a W.H. Williams's Patent Prometheus Shaving Lamp.

The base opens to reveal an alcohol burner - the top opens, and includes a boars hair shaving brush. Fill the tube with water, replace the brush, light the burner, and insert in the tube - the burner heats the water, so that you have a warm brush for the shaving soap. Marked on the fan top, "W.H. Williams's Patent Prometheus Shaving Lamp" - on the pierced area, "W.H. Williams's Patent". Size is 7" tall x 2" diameter -


Patent number: GB189909835
Publication date: 1899-12-16
Stephens, H. May 10. Spirit lamp stoves for heating water for shaving and other purposes. The spirit vessel b is provided with arms c which can support the water vessel a as shown, or can lie outside it when closed. The lide may have a socket inside to carry a shaving-brush. Or a brush and a tubular handle therefor, and a soap box, may be packed inside the water vessel.

Fabrique spéciale de brosses à barbe en blaireau, en soie, & imitation

Ancienne Maison Aillot ; Aillot & Pacquetet successeurs 17 rue de Nazareth à Paris

from youmkid : Vint Porcelain Shaving Brush Deer Stag Buck Head Acorns

Here is a very unusual 5" LOng shaving bRush with a porcelAIN handlE. This is very detailed and beautiful with two different stag heads on the handle with acorns. One side shows the head with an open mouth and the other is closed. They both have full racks and further down on the handle close to the brush are oak leaves with acorns. I'm guessing this is German but there is no mark unless it's on the inside. The brush is real hair but looks to have been eaten or cut.

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