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Vintage Safety Razor Collection Many Beautiful Razors  ref.20027.24

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There are 250 pieces in the collection, below is a list of names of some of the razors in the collection, this is not all the razors by no means, Boker wedge blade razor, Clauss Automatic, Clover Brand wedge blade razor, Collins windup and Collins regular, Cresent wedge blade razor in tin (Southington Cutlery Co.), Daisy wedge blade razor, Diamond Edge Shapleigh Hardware Co. double blade razor head, Dr Scotts large tin with mint razor, Dr Scotts large tin no razor, Dr Scotts small tin (very scarce) with razor, Everybody’s razor in very nice tin, Ever-Ready several early sets, Fox, Gem several wedge blade sets including 2 rectangular tins and one round tin, Gillettes (no junk in these) 3 fancy engraved sets, several double ring sets in nice condition, and misc. other good pieces, Griffon 4 round tins, one rectangular tin and other sets, I-XL Wostenholm’s, Jackson, Jewel, Keen Kutters gold plated razors and other unusual sets not just run of the mill stuff, Leslie in big chrome case , Madden Deluxe, Mann’s 14 in one very unusual razor, Mulcuto 7 day set in big case, Robeson Shuredge, Satimo in keystone leather case mint, Star Kampfe Bros many, many round and rectangular tins and sets including the transition straight type razor that uses the long wedge type blade, the set has 8 blades in a foldup leather case this is the only one of these I’ve ever seen, also a set with the Victorian head razor that has the patent date on the back of the head scarce as hen’s teeth, Sterling Sherman & Co., Torrey Comet in a nr mint tin this is as good as it gets super rare tin & razor, 3 nice Torrey No. B tins no razors, 2 of the fancy head Torreys, Wilbert in tin with a blade tin all in beautiful condition, Wilbert tin no razor Wilbert set with stropper etc, Young, and Zinn .

All 16 round Star tins have the razors, all the Griffons have the razors, some of the rectangular Star tins do not have razors


I am located in TALLADEGA, ALABAMA, about 10 miles from interstate I-20 about half way between BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA & ATLANTA, GEORGIA(256)362-7123

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