Rasoirs du passé


Razors through the past
Forme Type Soleil  /   Sun shape

Ancient Art Gallery Stormbroek 
Celtic bronze razor

Celtic bronze razor with a nice patina
Dating from ca. 500 BC

Length : 7.7 cm

This razor is a copy

Amulett oder evtl.Rasiermesser Bronzezeit

das Amulett stammt aus der Bronzezeit etwa 1200 vor Chr.Sehr fein gearbeit,Länge ca 5,7cm Breite 3,9cm hauchdünn gearbeit,eine Bruchstelle die kaum auffällt.Es hat Strichverzierungen am Steg,Öse beschädigt

   Rasoir Africain ( 10.5 cm de large)

(from Private collection)



100 - 300 AD


Roman bronze razor handle    (http://www.vcoins.com) 

Imperial roman period ( 32 B.C . -395 A.D)

Dimensions : 2 5/8 inches long , 1/2 inch wide

1/4 inch depth ( 58 mm x 12 mm x 8 mm )

founded in Black sea aera.


A ROMAN IRON RAZOR, ca. 1st-3rd century. The razor with long handle with twisted ring for suspension. 7.1". Cf. Petrie, 'Tools and Weapons', plate LX, #62, 63.

Razor and mirror, New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, early co-reign of Thutmose III and Hatshepsut, ca. 1479–1473 B.C.
Egyptian; From the tomb of Hatnofer and Ramose, western Thebes
Bronze and wood; H. of mirror 6 3/4 in. (17 cm)
Rogers Fund, 1936 (36.3.69,.13)

This bronze mirror was actually found in one of the other coffins in Hatnofer's tomb but probably belonged to Hatnofer. It was cast in two pieces: the mirror disk has a tang that fits into a hole in the handle and is held in place by a small bronze peg. The handle depicts a woman's face with cow's ears and a curled wig—the emblem of Hathor, the goddess of love and beauty.

Pleine Lune  

Croissant de Lune

croissant de lune bis


Type Soleil Type Couteau

Type couteau_Bis

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