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Razor box Wheat & Hops

1860's English White Ironstone

thanks to antiquer47

The piece measures appro. 3 1/2" tall and 9" long. Potters : J & G Meakin, Robert Cochran, Furnival, Clementson Bros and W Taylor

The embossed pattern is Wheat & Hops and that pattern is shown on p. 101 in Jean Wetherbee's "White Ironstone: A Collector's Guide". The lid has sixteen embossed panels and around the rim, there's a wonderful pattern of wheat leaves, stalks and grain leaves. On the top of the lid,on either side of the handle, there's a beautifully detailed pattern of leaves and three berries on a stalk. The handle is an embossed twisted berry vine. The base is also divided into 16 panels and the same wonderful pattern of whenat leaves, stalks and grain heads appears on the outside, under the top rim. On the inside of the base, there are two raised bars which allowed the razor (or toothbrush) to sit up from the bottom and drain.

It measures 8 1/4" across.

Suberb Antique very earlly flow blue and red polychrome Razor Box and dates c1851 and made in Staffordshire England..... Lovely decoration and beautiful colours in this great pattern and the pattern is very detailed with decoration all around the base and lid and continued onto the inside too along with a lovely handle and early dating 1851 It is impressed marked in both the lid and on base with diamond registration mark and the date is 19th October 1851

Mulberry china - copeland

This very nice Razor Box has the impressed mark and Crown of Copeland
Date I would think is around 1870
The box measures 2 inches high with cover and 8 inches long by 2 inches across

Flow Blue Razor Box Wedgwood Pearl

MAKER - Wedgwood - Pearl Ware - impressed with WEDGWOOD PEARL
PATTERN - Floral Sprays - Name unknown DATE - c 1850
SIZES - Approx. 2 inches high to the handle on the cover, 9 inches in length and 3 inches across
Colored with a cream colored background and shades of brown, orange and gold, as well as a gorgeous deep blue, this box is trimmed in gold, some of which is worn. This box is about 8 1/2 " long and about 3 1/2 " wide, the base is about 2" high and with the lid on it stands about 3 1/4" to the top of the finial. The bottom has a mark that appears to be the number 11445 with a line over it topped with a dot
thanks to Pseudo confidentiel / best4blue Flow Blue Polychrome Ironstone Razor Box
ITEM - Razor Box and cover, MAKER / ORIGIN - Unknown - Staffordshire, PATTERN - Impressed Alba, X on other items but this piece has the painted number 9135 over 4, DATE - c1850, SIZES - 3 inches to the handle on the cover, 1 inches to the rim of the base, 3 inches across and 7 inches in length



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